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Battery CB12A-B (L:134mm x H:161mm x W:80mm)

Product Code [HL712123.7]



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This is a replacement aftermarket battery for your motorcycle.  This should be a direct replacement for your original. 

The first letter is the manufacturers prefix and may be different to the battery on your bike. Please check with the battery on your bike. Please call 01706 344899 if you are not sure.


ALL BATTERIES MUST BE CHARGED BEFORE USE! This ensures longevity of battery life!


ACTIVATION Dry Filled Batteries- Fill battery with supplied acid to upper fill level, leave to settle for ten minutes, check acid levels and replace yellow caps when battery has been charged. Ensure acid level is at the upper fill mark before and after charging. . Gel Filled Batteries- Remove foil seal from the battery and the plastic cap from the acid cartridge. Press the cartridge on to the top of the battery piercing the seals and allow it to drain completely before removing it and pressing the plastic sealing strip firmly on to the top of the battery. The acid will then change to gel over a few hours. . Sealed Batteries- These batteries come with no acid and are fully sealed they require no action before charging. These batteries should not be opened for any reason. 


CHARGING New batteries should be charged on a trickle charge for motorcycle batteries (NOT A CAR CHARGER) which should be around 1.4amps per hour for 6 hours before being used on the motorcycle. . If you are unsure of what battery you need or how to acivate your battery please contact our friendly staff for helpful advise.